Still Life


My interest in seeking to understand why some images are represented beyond painting possibilities and seeing the unusual in every day, provoked my memory and reflection and helped me find inspiration in the evolution of art from representation to abstract and conceptual.

Still life evolved from what is mentioned above. In this series of work, the tangible confronts the world of memories, phantoms, feelings, dreams and symbols. The exterior world resonates and awakes my interior world, stimulating and nourishing it. This body of work explores fragments of personal experiences, morning light, a chair, cement, rust, dice, and the scent of a flower. These images function as scarps of my interior world that I choose to carefully assemble.

The challenge is to assemble these fragments to flatten them and confine them to one plane without favoritism. These arrangements are part of an on going series balancing between abstract and figuration.

In my studio, I am constantly changing various elements related to ‘still life which is no longer still and reminds us of a dynamic life. My intention is to raise questions and communicate to my audience that, in life there are unseen minute realities yet they are so important when put into an artistic context and become a communication tool and a pronounced reality when they coexist.

Each piece is 30×40 cm executed using various techniques and mediums (collage, cement, photography, painting…). The appearance and dimensions of the works change according to how it is arranged and displayed.

Date of execution is 2016/2017

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