Sky Diary

Sky Diary Detail - Bettina Badr

I started this series during the persisting COVID-19 confinement and the state of the country (Lebanon). Building skies allows me to shift my attention from what is below the horizon and observe the sky subjectively.
I used a monochrome color scheme and water based colors, juxtaposing carefully the miniature landscapes to form a vast field of abstracted forms and colors. The pattern is a visual puzzle, each grid has a portion of the picture that is in contrast or in harmony with pieces next to it.

I am following a sequence that can occur in a day, month, year or a lifetime. The Beirut Port explosion altered the natural order of how I seek ‘blue’!

Skies are seen a small in scale, and it is getting smaller in my recent work, as if reducing a large spectrum and examining small particles of the infinite horizon.

The skies are built within the square format. They stand alone as separate pieces, but also are subject to change and transform.


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